What guarantee do I have that the unit will work?

The unit’s ability to quickly bring up the oxygen levels and maintain them during feeding has been clearly proven, and can be supported by existing owners.

When considering protecting an industrial fish farm; the investment in the AquaCannons will pay for itself the first time you avoid a low oxygen die off. The massive losses due to low DO levels are well documented in the industry.  The ability of the machine to permit feeding during low 02 is a very serious additional benefit; no more lost feed days due to low 02 equals considerable savings and gain. The improved conversion rates while feeding at optimum 02 levels is also well documented. In most cases the AquaCannon will pay for itself within a couple of months of not missing any feed days.

Having the AquaCannons on site can also favorably impact insurance rates.

Payback during the use of the AquaCannon for river and lake remediation is calculated differently than in the situation of industrial fish farming.  You must ask yourself how important is having a clean river or lake worth to you. Does this river or lake supply your drinking water; does the community use it for recreation? Do your children use it to play in? In many situations, the body of water has become a serious health hazard and must be cleaned up.

As many countries have found out the hard way, running out of clean water is not even a little bit funny..

Why is the AquaCannon so efficient?

Due to the powerful mixing/ pressurizing action inside the uniquely designed submersible section of the AquaCannon system, 02 transfer starts even before the saturated air/ water mixture leaves the Cannon, combine this with the machine’s ability to drive the saturated air/ water mixture to depths of over 60ft/18 meters and the result is a super fine bubble with an extraordinarily extended “hang time” that will efficiently oxygenate the water column to 10 meters/30ft +

We have documented increases to 15 meters/45ft.

We guarantee an increase of 2 mg/l, in many cases we have seen 4- 5mg/l.

How many fish pens will the AquaCannon support?

Onsite operation has consistently shown that in the case of walkway style sites four x 30 meter/100ft sq pens with 30-45000 full grown salmon per pen are easily supported.

Current, tide and fish movement will cause the oxygenated water to move throughout the site increasing the overall improved area. Generally speaking, two to three units are used per site, placed on opposite sides, offset from each other by one cage width. Another method is to place the unit at the end of the site and let it flow through longways.

How fast does the water come out of the AquaCannon?

The AquaCannon system is designed to be completely adjustable, from 0 flow to +- 25mph

What supply’s the power that runs the AquaCannon?

The unit comes with a proven, reliable, environmentally certified, electronically controlled 301 Hp Deutz diesel engine. We selected Deutz due to their Global support and proven 150 year history.  This provides portable power so the unit can be installed in any situation or rapidly moved to where ever it is needed. When close to 3 phase electric power, the unit can be ordered with a variable speed electric motor. The unit can also be ordered with a bio-gas/Methane, bio diesel or propane burning motor.

we are currently working with GWFT technology’s to develop a tidal current powered system.

Note: we are presently developing a smaller scale/lower Hp unit for single cage coverage and for use in small rivers, and or lakes and ponds.

How much does it cost to operate the AquaCannon?

When using diesel, the machine will consume between 4 and 50 LPH,  average consumption is 38 LPH

Electricity can be more economical,  however this is dependent on costs of fuel in your region and what you pay for Kwh.  At 10 cents per kilowatt hour, it would cost approximately $18 per hour at full power operation. We are currently developing a tidal /current power generating machine with GWFT Technology’s, once installed this machine will provide power at a very low cost.

Does the machine make a lot of noise while in operation?

The AquaCannon system comes with a complete enclosure and residential silencer on the exhaust. Sound proofing is also available. Each set-up can be tailored built to your specific requirements.

What does it take to install and put in operation the AquaCannon system?

Floatation, anchoring, and a fuel tank. We can supply all these requirements.  We will also advise on the use of whatever you have available to save on costs.  Depending on your situation, several options are possible.

I live near a river that is contaminated with farm runoff that causes toxic algae blooms, awful odours and fish die off. Can the AquaCannon fix this terrible problem?

Yes, the high volume/heavily oxygenated flow produced by the AquaCannon will immediately bring up the levels of good bacteria and start breaking down the contaminants thereby allowing the good bacteria, plants and algae to regain control; quickly restoring the natural balance.


How long would it take for the AquaCannon to bring a contaminated river back to life?

Depending on size/volume of the river, water temperature and the level and type of pollution it can take as little as 30 days to make a major improvement.  All the water going through the AquaCannon is immediately improved (oxygenated). Every minute +- 25,000 gallons/100,000 liters of greatly improved water is flowing out of the AquaCannon. As it joins with the river and flows downstream, it replaces the low oxygen water with a steady stream of life giving oxygenated water.  This oxygen will immediately bring up the levels of good bacteria and start to break down contaminates thereby allowing the natural balance to restore itself.

Can the AquaCannon be used in a shallow water situation like a small river or lake?

The AquaCannon will operate quite well in as little as 6ft/2 meters of water.  Maximum performance is attained in deeper water, as the hang/contact time of the bubbles is longer. The system is designed to allow for various depths and situations. If placed in a shallow river or lake the unit can be gradually angled downwards, moving material in the bottom creating a deeper area. This will not harm anything and will gradually fill in after the machine is turned off.

Do we have to run the machine forever in order to maintain the heath of the river?

Once the river has re-established its natural balance, it will have the ability to clean itself of contaminates far more efficiently. If the source of pollution is not eliminated then you should install a permanent, smaller aeration/system to keep up with the problem. We supply this type of system. It is a low maintenance and inexpensive system to keep in operation. We are actively working on a solar/wind power/tidal/river current system for this very purpose.