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DSCF0117 No Nonsense Site workers Checking it Out

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DSCF1412 Starting Up DSCF9975 Vertical Deployment System installed on Barge (Cooke Aquaculture) flyby Starting up and getting on to the other side prototype success Success On The First Prototype Crawler prototype Tidal Current Crawler Prototype, 1kw power produced Built by GWFT, Inventor Joe Sieber. daily planet fliming Daily Planet / Discovery Channel Filming DSCF0062 Vertical Deployment System for Cooke Aquaculture Capable of 70ft penetration into water column DSCF0056 Custom Build Vertical Deployment System for Cooke’s Aquaculture 2006_0703aquacanontest070031 Bill Jones and Dave Szemerda working on first prototype happy site managers! Happy Site Managers with the Gen2 unit DSCF2472 Gen5 unit installed at Creative Salmon BC Canada Great Floatation system Built by Creative using recycled system sections.