What guarantee do I have that the unit will work?

The unit’s ability to quickly bring up the oxygen levels and maintain them during feeding has been clearly proven, and can be supported by existing owners.

When considering protecting an industrial fish farm; the investment in the AquaCannons will pay for itself the first time you avoid a low oxygen die off. The massive losses due to low DO levels are well documented in the industry.  The ability of the machine to permit feeding during low 02 is a very serious additional benefit; no more lost feed days due to low 02 equals considerable savings and gain. The improved conversion rates while feeding at optimum 02 levels is also well documented. In most cases the AquaCannon will pay for itself within a couple of months of not missing any feed days.

Having the AquaCannons on site can also favorably impact insurance rates.

Payback during the use of the AquaCannon for river and lake remediation is calculated differently than in the situation of industrial fish farming.  You must ask yourself how important is having a clean river or lake worth to you. Does this river or lake supply your drinking water; does the community use it for recreation? Do your children use it to play in? In many situations, the body of water has become a serious health hazard and must be cleaned up.

As many countries have found out the hard way, running out of clean water is not even a little bit funny..

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