Profit and Risk Control For Industrial Fish producers

Common Knowledge Low Oxygen Facts:

1. Major Meal Reduction will occur with marginal O2 availability.

2. Growth/Weight Gain stops, After about a month weight loss starts.

3. Stress builds, Immune System Weakens.

4. Risk control Weakens.

5. Potential complete loss of site and very possible environmental Consequences.

6. Major loss of Profits and public relations Issues.

Who needs it.

FACT:    One AquaCannon will Increase and maintain the Oxygen levels in at least 4, fully loaded, 30 meter Sq pens.

FACT: Proper oxygen levels permit max feed levels and combined with quality feed and good husbandry, best possible  FCR.

Money Questions:

If you can only feed half rations, how much weight gain do you lose per pen per day?

Put it at 300kg’s per day not gained per pen, x 4 = 1200kg of product not gained.

1200 x $3.00/kg = $3600 x 30 Days = $ 108,000.00 (-$9000 in fuel) you are up +- $91,000.00
1200 x $6.00/Kg = $7200 x 30 Days = $ 210,000.00 (-$ fuel) you are up +- $201,000.00

On Demand Aeration means “turn it on only when you need it”

Digestion time depends on several things, but in general, 6 hours will certainly cover it.

It cost about $300.00 in fuel to run the AquaCannon for 6 hours.


A month without feeding or bare maintenance diet: Based on One AquaCannon

4 pens x whatever you should have gained compared to fuel cost of about $9000.


Critical oxygen situation: Prevention of Mass mortality.

The correct number of units for the biomass on the site will prevent massive die off.

A 16 pen system requires, on the average 3 AquaCannons.

16 pens x 25000 fish @ 5kg each = 2 million kg’s product

Cost to run 3 AquaCannons 24hrs straight depends on the situation, normally full power operation is not needed all the time to maintain life. 30 liters fuel per hour per unit average. +- $ 6500 per 24 hours.

Very small price to pay compared to losing the site.

The unit’s generally only need be run at full power until the 02 in the pens stabilizes, and then turned down to maintain survival or whatever level the manager feels comfortable with.
In many cases of catastrophic oxygen depletion it is just fine to keep everything alive and not stressed half to death.


Other Benefits:

  • A very real gain is in stress reduction and exercise conditioning from aeration unit current generation for fish vs. slack tide or slow exchange.
  • The resulting reduction in grow-out time requirement by meal provision with vs. without aeration unit(s) is also highly significant for investment consideration.
  • A very powerful and Diligent Risk Management tool.
  • The ability to deliver your fish at the right time for max market.
  • Insurance companies may give rate reduction due to the installation of this protection.

The above figures may not apply to all sites in all scenarios, but when you plug in your numbers it will be obvious that any way you count it up, it pays to have AquaCannon on site protecting and increasing your investment return.

We back AquaCannon with a money back Guaranty and we have never even been asked to give the money back.