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We were recently asked if the AquaCannon can be modified to increase 02 levels down to 60-70ft, the answer is yes with reservations, the problem is if we inject atmospheric air (+-80% nitrogen) below 2 atmospheres, 66-68ft- the nitrogen will go into solution-nitrogen bubbles in the water- not good for the fish!!

We can always use pure 02, and yes, I can hear the bean counters all over the world turning blue, sputtering and shaking their heads over the outrageous cost….

We considered using a 02 generator, the cost of the machine was shocking and in general not justified for what we do, we use the cheapest source of 02 available-the air we all breathe. So far we have managed to get more pure 02 out of atmo-air and into the water than any other system I have ever come across, several people claim very high levels of transfer, to them I say-take you unit out of the depleted, start at zero 02 test tank and put in the real world, the we will see how well your story holds up.

The biggest obstacle to driving the jet of air and water is basic physics, the micro bubbles in the water stream want to rise to the surface, they resist every inch of the way down, at a certain point they simply overcome the ever diminishing force of the Cannons water jet and rise up to the surface. (This why we get great improvement’s at around 30 ft) The result is you still get a jet of improved water at 50-60ft (The cannon does this now) but it is not enough to give the huge increase at this depth demanded by a mega ton fish farm.

Solution; combined with the recent hp increase and improvement’s on the nozzle combined with an extended Cannon support ladder we are able to offer an improvement down to 45ft


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