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It is becoming very apparent that Jelly fish of all types are a major problem worldwide. Taking over vast areas of previously good fishing grounds, coming into beach areas where they were all but unknown and seriously injuring swimmers.

There are several clear reasons why this is happening- regardless of the reasons, the fact is the creatures are seriously impacting Ocean food harvesting worldwide. What can the AquaCannon system do to help out? We can revive dead zones where they seem to like breeding and hanging out and we can give them a real hard time around fish farms.

Walkway sites; if the units are all placed on the same side of the site then there will be a substantial push coming out the opposite side, this will cause a “push away effect” on anything floating along outside the cage and also anything floating around in the cage.

Anything getting drawn in through the Cannon and injected into the site will go through the prop…. Jelly fish and sea lice puree anyone??


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